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Shopping. Hmm, a word that gets mixed reactions. Some love it, while others loathe those weekends spent walking around the mall with a cart. So why not get your full dose of shopping, or get your revenge! The Shopping Cart Hero 3 is the third sequel to a wildly popular game. It begins with your next door superhero grabbing a cart and with the arrow sign; you need to navigate the character to take a jump up and about a hill or even series of hills. Your success as the Shopping Cart Hero 3 will be measured with the distance, time and height you covered. Additionally, any tricks and style you may have used to make the jump as the Shopping Cart Hero 3 will be used in your benefit in the score. So jump away.

This game keeps the adrenaline high with the number of jumps and the quality of the challenge getting better with each subsequent level that you manage to cross. You can upgrade to tricks and styles like wheelies, handstands and various items like beanie caps so as to provoke a new style each time!

In this latest series, the action game category gets a definite life. No more just child’s play, this particular game is in the arena of very grown up business and something that we do every weekend, or sometimes, even every day. This action game also unleashes your inner child with the ultimate challenge: how far and how high can you jump. The combination of height and distance in this action game actually gives you a head rush as you play and all you want to do is get it right every time to collect those goodies in your cart. The levels keep getting more difficult and the stakes even higher.