Play Red Remover Here

Are you looking for a cool arcade puzzle game to while away some time and have fun at the same time? The perfect game for you is undoubtedly red remover which is highly addictive. Make sure you have plenty of time at hand before you get started with this online game. The basic objective of the game is to clear off the board of all the red color without disturbing the green zones. You have to figure out ways in each level to get rid of the red color from the screen without touching the green zone. There are different shapes in the colors of red, blue and green which you need to work with in different levels of the game. This is a complex puzzle game that needs to be handled with lot of clever tricks to move ahead to the upper levels.

Red remover 2 increases the level of difficulty in the physics based puzzle game that everyone has come to adore. The objective remains the same as try to remove the bad red colored blocks without affecting the good blocks colored green. The game in addition to being an online utility game can also be played on android based mobile phones. However, playing it online is much more fun according to user reviews. The biggest factor in this newest version of the game is that you get to play twenty extra levels all filled with interesting structuring of the various blocks.  The puzzle is not so easy if you do not apply some great tricks.