Who does not like a good crossword, a puzzle or even a Sudoku every once in a while? In fact, most of us are secret addicts of that section of the papers, as we sip that quick morning cuppa, or stealthily taking a break at the desk at work. So, use the magic pen to solve that puzzle at our website.

This game is an absolute delight for the puzzle solver’s soul. With the pen, you can use the chalk like feature to draw. The chalk board effect is in fact one of the most endearing features of this puzzle game. It makes the magic pen all the more fun and reminds you of those hours spent in the classroom. This chalk board or crayon effect continues in the Magic Pen 2. A sequel to the popular puzzle game and one that will definitely tickle your common sense, this one comes with several added features.

Basically, in this game you need to collect the various coloured balls to cross each level. It emerges in the form of a folded paper, with great visuals that combine graphic technology and a child’s imagination. You need to move the ball by drawing objects an pushing it around – an absolutely amazing trick that triggers the imagination and helps kids think out of the box! The game proceeds as you collect the flags and before you know it, you have made giant strides in physically moving objects! An absolute delight for the ‘how stuff works’ enthusiast.

A puzzle game usually takes a long time to download before you can start, and even then the actual playing out of the game may be slow at best. But with coolmathgames.net you need not worry. Besides being fast, you also get quick actions and immediate scores. All the more better for the challenge loving child within you. The Magic Pen 2, like its predecessor, is also a great game for developing word usage, and logical thinking skills in children. Apt for most ages, this is a classic take on the sketch and rub pictogram game we have come to love for generations now.