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Monkey business at its very best. Imagine being able to monkey around, albeit in front of your computer. Well, this puzzle game gives you all that and much more. The popular series of Monkey Go Happy is available in its fifth edition as Monkey Go Happy 5, on our website. And as an added plus, you also get the chance to win cute furry monkey stuffed toys on this site!

Now for some details. This puzzle game is dedicated to all playful animal lovers. Monkey Go Happy 5 is the fifth in the series of a much loved game. All you need to do is choose a monkey from the array of creatures on your screen. This monkey will lead you through Monkey Go Happy 5 with its clever antics and style, depending on how you choose to navigate over five exciting levels. This puzzle game gives you the chance to choose objects on the screen. Based on the accuracy of your choice, you get to solve puzzles and then the shooting fun begins as you take your target and try to get the bull’s eye on the various wandering objects on the screen. My favourite part was trying to get the alligator to bite the quietly feeding chicken. An absolutely hilarious set of scenarios greet you as you unlock level after exciting level on this puzzle game. The sound effects are terrific and make for engaging play.

With the effects and scenarios like the dynamite level for example, you will find yourself sitting at the very edge of your seat as you navigate you way and try to escape. The target level is especially interesting as you cross levels of difficulty only to realise how much fun it is. As you go through a home that opens its windows with targets that you have to shoot down, you cross into the level of bouncing targets where the shooting becomes a little more difficult.

With such a winner on its hands, it is no wonder that visitors flock to this website for a dose of fun every now and then! So play on!