Play Learn To Fly Here

The emperor penguins has been the subject of innumerous documents that you may have managed to catch on television but are you aware you can make it fly in the popular online game called as learn to fly. Users have given great reviews to this game in which you need to control the trajectory of a penguin to make it get across a considerable distance along the land. You start off with the penguin sliding down towards the water body and you need to adjust its jump landing into the water in order to cover maximum area. Timing is crucial in this flash game since there are only two keys that need to be used. Improper timing will cause the penguin to stop its run along the water body.

Everyone knows penguins cannot fly on their own but you can certainly help them achieve this while playing learn to fly 2. This is the second installment in the penguin game series that even allows you a dummy penguin to get the basics right. Adjusting the angle is pretty important in order to get maximum leverage that will help the penguin to cover maximum ground. A boost comes in handy naturally so do not forget to activate it so that your penguin gets an additional force in the lift off. Do not let the icebergs in the first installment keep you from making the penguin fly high again. Get right back into the action and have a blast playing with your friends as well.