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With Frizzle Fraz, you will find just the right medicine for a boring break or an even more boring Sunday afternoon. A hit amongst the young and old alike, Frizzle Fraz is full of cute characters and breath taking scenes. It hits homes with its realistic scene play, thus making it a good game for children waiting to grow up and adults wanting to be kids again, without the overtly childish trappings! Frizzle Fraz hits all the right notes here! With arrow keys and a bouncing style, all you need to do is concentrate on getting through the various characters and scenes.

The cute little fuzzy character has to go through walls and levels of difficult to reach a golden key. The bouncing character can be controlled by arrows and has to collect a golden key for each level. This golden key is in the hands of a red demon like character. Finally, with each key, lives, powers and the capacity to enter the next level is achieved.

Such has been its appeal, that the makers decided to dedicate a second edition to its players. Yes, Frizzle Fraz 2 is here and exclusively on cool math games online for your discerning taste! This game is punchier, and it has cute characters that really bring out your inner gaming God or Goddess as you jump your way through. The characters provoke you to run through the test of time and height as you take the various levels in the challenge.

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