Play Duck Life 4 Here

Could you have ever imagined of a duck racing league in which ducks are racing to reach the top of the championship? This is exactly what you get in the immensely popular online game by the name of duck life. You have to race with your Duck in order to protect your farm from going out of your hands. This is what is at stake so make sure your duck does not lose the race of a lifetime. Your duck has to do whatever is required in order to stay ahead by means of flying swimming or running. The sequel to this game known as duck life 2 improves the challenge as you have to train the ducks to climb over obstacles to reach the finish line. At the end of this game lies the duck crown which gives your duck eternal glory among its peers.

The third part of this series we see genetically enhanced ducks training to leave others behind in the duck race. Starting off as the duckling you need to train your duck to take on every obstacle that comes in its path to aim for the championship. An advanced version is seen in the form of duck life in which you have to train a team of ducks to ensure that you own the duck that goes on to win races and ultimately the duck championship. Step up to this game and make others chicken out as you go all out to win the races.