Happy Wheels is yet another flash game based on getting to a destination keeping in mind tons of characters that will help you race your heart out. This is a very addictive game that is known all over the world as one of the top flash racing games. Every character in the game has a special ability such as the Seaway riding man who can jump over obstacles in order to reach the finish line. This is a useful trait that may come in handy as you zip past various levels in the game in full speed. If you are playing with your partner then you can have some fun by choosing the couple riding a moped that can accelerate a little.

Fans of this game can be delighted with the launch of happy wheels 2especially if you are looking for some more blood and violent fun on the road. Things can certainly get out of hand especially if you such crazy characters running wild on the road. One of the things to keep in mind that your character might wear down as you reach to the end of a level due to all the mayhem that is caused along the brutal race. Brushing off the obstacles such as landmines and spikes is no easy task. Take extra caution as you maneuver your way through these dangerous objects. Another fun aspect for gamers is in the form of the level editor which allows you to create custom levels with obstacles as per your choosing.